Soft serves. Hard truths.

During Climate Week, we gave “limited edition” flavors a new meaning by offering people their favorite ice cream flavors before they're gone... for good.

Ice cream is great and all, but here’s the real scoop

Climate change is coming for all things delicious, not just your favorite Blue Marble ice cream flavor.

The truth about our favorite foods is hard to swallow. The fact is, our morning caffeine fix, our avocado toast, and our happy hours are all endangered. And that’s just the start of it.

Endangered Food List

Climate change isn’t just coming for the air we breathe and the water we drink. It’s also taking a big bite out of all our favorite foods. It’s time to get hangry and get online.

Select your go-to grocery store below and share a post challenging them to label their Endangered Foods. Your voice is an important part of fighting for the future of your favorite flavors.

Our Partners

Event Suporters

We’re not the only ones dedicated to bringing attention to the impact of climate change. We would like to thank the following event supporters* for their help in putting on this farewell tour of your favorite flavors.

Blue Marble’s ingredients are certified organic and non-GMO, and they also pledge 1% of sales to the Brotherhood Sister Sol organization, which builds a legacy of youth-led activism. We thank Blue Marble for the Save the Flavors ice cream, ice cream cart, and server for the day.

Ford’s zero-emission E-Transit™ fleet of transport vehicles brings the benefits of electrification to commercial-vehicle customers. We are grateful for their in-kind loan of a 2022 E-Transit 350 van and for providing exterior van decor for Save the Flavors.

Lippe Taylor marketing agency helps clients solve problems in the world, contribute to societal conversations, and do things that are worth talking about. We thank Lippe Taylor for providing PR services for Save the Flavors in the US.

*While we are very grateful for the help our event supporters provide, we do not endorse their products or sustainability statements and pledges in any way.

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