Science tells us that the world is in trouble, but we can’t be discouraged. Hope is what we need. And hope is an action. In the face of the climate and nature crisis, where the easy option is hopelessness, “Performing Hope” empowers everyone to take action. This Manifesto by Climate Basecamp offers a simple way of fighting climate anxiety and loss of hope, by sharing our individual and collective responses to these existential threats. We can all share hope by #PerformingHope.  How?

Launched on January 18, 2024

“Performing Hope in the Face of the Climate & Nature Crisis” began its journey on January 18, 2024, with a special outdoor event on the Magic Mountain featuring exclusive cello and ballet performances for the glaciers during the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos.

Performing Hope launch was presented by Climate Basecamp and sponsored by Salesforce and Arctic Basecamp. The event was also supported by M&C Saatchi, Julia Jackson, Julian Oggel, Vanessa Grant, Rainn Wilson, Chuck Tatham, and University of Exeter Business School.

Feel the transformative power of collective hope.



Why are we Performing Hope?

Science tells us that planet Earth is in trouble — 2023 was the hottest year on record, a trend that continues in all parts of the globe. Extreme weather, threats to food and water, sea level rise, humanitarian crisis — these impacts are already being felt in many parts of the world, and without immediate, intensive climate action these irreversible effects will only increase. Biodiversity is also in massive decline and this adds even more vulnerability into our world.

In the face of this impacts, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious and/or paralysed. Indeed, it can seem comforting to bury one’s head in the sand, or blithely wish that someone else – anyone else — with more power or knowledge or resources will rise to the occasion and save the day.

The irony is, in the absence of hope there is a tendency to freeze up and surrender exactly when the opposite response – action — is imperative.

All cultures embrace hope as a powerful collective energy that gives meaning to and sustains human existence. Yet hope isn’t a state of mind, or something that we simply have or buy or wish into existence. We believe hope in the face of this unspeakable climate and nature crisis can only happen through the performance of action – actions large and small — daily decisions and behaviours that we enact/adopt and promote as individuals, organisations and communities.

By consciously ‘performing hope,’ we can generate the emotional “energy” needed to make the impossible possible.

The World Economic Forum have also published a blog ‘Performing hope’ – how a campaign to spur climate action offers an antidote to apathy‘ co-authored by Climate Basecamp Co-Founder Professor Gail Whiteman.

Start Your Practice of Hope!

“Performing Hope” isn’t just a concept, it’s a daily practice that empowers individuals, organizations, and communities to actively contribute to a brighter, more resilient future.

Here’s our Manifesto, a practical guide to help you join the #PerformingHope movement. The goal of this Manifesto is to build emotional resilience and accelerate action in the face of the nature and climate crisis:


To “Perform Hope” is to:

  1. Acknowledge the scale of the threat — accept the extensive scientific evidence on the human-induced causes of global warming and the dangerous threats to human and non-human life.
  2. Acknowledge the scale of the challenge — accept the scientific conclusion that greenhouse emissions must be cut in half by 2030 and reduced to net zero by 2050. Acknowledge that emissions continue to rise and powerful actors in all sectors are resistant to transformative action — while simultaneously acknowledging that technological and societal breakthroughs offer new, never before seen opportunities. The game is not over.
  3. Accept the uncertainty of our role in the bigger picture. We don’t need to know exactly how or if or when our actions will fix things, we need to focus on committing to our daily performances of hope and trust. Collectively, this behavior will add up to something bigger than us. 
  4. Commit to ‘performing hope’ on a daily and weekly basis. Start by considering the decisions and actions you make as an individual at home and work. Ask if what you’re doing (e.g., using renewable energy or campaigning your government) can become a performance of hope. If an action or decision does not contribute to hope, then stop or change it. Call yourself and others out for non-performance. Start again.
  5. Share your performances of hope on social media:
    1. Download a digital Performing Hope frame for your video or photo;
    2. Let us know how you are #PerformingHope by placing your photo, video or other message in the frame;
    3. Share your act (or micro-act) of Performing Hope on your social media accounts – LinkedIn, Instagram, X, TikTok, FB…
    4. Add hashtag #performinghope and tag Climate Basecamp (@ClimateBasecamp on Instagram and @BasecampClimate on X);
    5. Inspire others by showcasing how small actions lead to positive change.
  6. Ask others to join us by performing their own acts of hope. Trust that collective efforts will create a meaningful, lasting impact. Don’t be shy. Get creative. Explore innovative ways to perform hope in your community and workplace. Organize local or global initiatives that promote positive change.

By collectively engaging in performances of hope, we can build the resilience needed to address the challenges of the climate crisis. Start your journey today and share your #PerformingHope story with us!


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