Rainn Wilson on Environmental Activism and Why He’s “Greatly Disappointed That So Few Celebrities Are Speaking Up About It

The actor, who co-founded climate change organization Climate Basecamp, is taking part in the Environmental Media Association’s Impact Summit on June 4.

“I had literally been thinking to myself, Rainn, you need to get off your ass and do something about climate change. If this is really important to you, you need to do more than send out an occasional angry tweet, because, let’s face it, that’s what most people in Hollywood do.”

And so began Rainn Wilson‘s foray into environmental activism six years ago, when he met and teamed with Professor Gail Whiteman for their Climate Basecamp initiative, which combines science and culture — approaching climate change via the lenses of food, entertainment, sports, fashion and music.


“Not Just Another Day at the Office” a discussion on contemporary environmental challenges

“Magic happens when sustainability leaders across industries come together to intentionally exchange ideas, build action plans, and foster collaboration.”

When we collaborated with the Midwest Sustainability Network, we truly created something magical. On this webcast, some of the leading scientists and figures in sustainability exchanged their thoughts on the current climate crisis. Join Alainna Harkness, Executive Director of Current and CEO of Great Lakes ReNEW, Phile Clement, CEO of World Business Chicago and Founding Board Member of the Midwest Sustainability Network, in their conversation with Climate Basecamp Co-Founders Professor Gail Whiteman and Rainn Wilson.

Rainn Wilson Wants To Talk About Climate Change, And Ice Cream

Actor Rainn Wilson (The Office) made headlines last year when he changed his Twitter name to “Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson” to draw attention to climate change.

Along with social science expert Professor Gail Whiteman and writer/producer Chuck Tatham, Wilson co-founded Climate Basecamp, with the goal of using pop culture as a launchpad to educate the public on the science of climate change.

On Monday, Climate Basecamp kicked off the first day of Climate Week in New York City, with Whiteman and Tatham handing out free scoops of organic Blue Marble ice cream to draw attention to the climate crisis.

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